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Tin of US Baking powder WW2

Tin of US Baking powder WW2

Nice US tin of Baking Powder.
Made in US, but also used bij the British forces.
There are UK markings on the tin.  read more

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Sealing Compound US.

Sealing Compound US.

This putty was used to by thr Corps of Engineers to make connected detonators waterproof, when they were connected to Primacord.
It s a coplete filled tin.  read more

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Container Dets Nr 77 Smoke- White phosphorus granade.

Container Dets Nr 77 Smoke- White phosphorus granade.

In near mint condition.
Nr 77 dets container.
Dated 1945.

2 of these containers were stored in one of the cardboard tubes inside the metal Nr 77 box.
The container stored 17 dets. 2 containers in one tube, 34 in total for 34 granades.
The Nr 77 granade was used by the British, Canadian and Australian army s, but also dropped for the resistance movem...  read more

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MG-34  MG-42 Ammunition drum .

MG-34 MG-42 Ammunition drum .

Also called ''Gurttrommel 34/42''.
Never used, but little paint dammage on the outside.
Inside brand new.
Deted 1943.
Was designed to hold a 50 rounds belt of ammo.  read more

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Bren Canadian oil  bottle .

Bren Canadian oil bottle .

It was part of the Contents of the Bren Gun Holdall, and there was also one in the Spare parts wallet.
Nice condition, new old stock.  read more

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Colt .45 Combination tool.

Colt .45 Combination tool.

Rare Colt tool with Screwdriver and pin chaser, for taking down Colt model M-1911 service pistols.

Nice, almost new condition.
This tool van be seen in the book GI-Collectables.  read more

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Quad mount Gear trunnion  including axles.

Quad mount Gear trunnion including axles.

New old stock.
Complete set.  read more

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Quad mount

Quad mount "Pad" for ammunition tray assy.

New old stock.
Painted green.  read more

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SOE Sabotage Pamphlet.

SOE Sabotage Pamphlet.

A very nice example of the rare Sabotage Pamphlet.
This is the second type of SOE Sabotage Booklet.
Thickness of the first type was less.
Spine is made stronger with a piece of paper, so staples can t been be seen here.

This booklet is written in 6 Languages.
Each language has its own collor of paper, as you can see on the picture attatched from the ...  read more

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Uzi Adapter for firing Blanks.

Uzi Adapter for firing Blanks.

These adapters were used in the Dutch army, for firing blank cartridges.
You need to remove the barrel nut, and replace it by the adapter.
Only then it was possible to fire blanks.  read more

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